Premium Quality Teas and Tesanes in a Variety of Origins and Tastes

- Black Tea-

Organic Assam

Organic Ceylon FBOP

Chocolate Hearth

Organic Darjeeling

Organic Darjeeling Earl Grey

Organic Earl Grey

Organic Cream Earl Grey

Organic English Breakfast

Buckingham Palace

Organic Irish Breakfast

Organic Keemun Mao Feng

Mango Mist


Organic Peach Apricot


Royal Golden Yunnan*

Organic Wild Blueberry

Yorkshire Harrogate

Chai -

Organic Legacy Chai

Organic Malasa Chai

Chocolate Chai

Green Tea -

Organic Bi Lou Chun

Jasmine Golden Dragon

Organic Fresh Strawberry

Organic Genmaicha

Organic Kyoto Cherry

Organic Lung Ching (Dragon Well) 

Oolong and Pu-erh-

Premium Pouchong   

Formosa Oolong


Jasmine Pu-erh

Organic Caramel Pu-erh

White Tea-

Lemon Ginger White

Organic Pai Mu Tan

Silver Needle Jasmine 

Silver Needle Supreme

White Champagne


Tisanes are plant-based, decaffeinated herbs, flowers, fruits, or roots

Organic Andalusia Lemon

Apple Cinnamon Rooibos

Berry Bunch

Cranberry Autumn



Hawaiian Paradise

Organic Honeybush

Organic King Tut Lemonade

Organic Peppermint

Organic Roman Provence

Organic Rooibos

Organic Very Berry

Customed Blended Organic Tisanes:
Choose one from each of the following categories –
1) ginger, orange peels, rose petals
2) camomile, peppermint

Wellness Tisanes-

Calming the Storm

Organic Energy Balance

Eye of the Hawk

Organic Flower Power

Organic Hibiscus Heaven

Organic Sweet Detox

The Storyteller

The Healer


Wind Dancer

- Iced Tea -

Bubble Tea

Tea of the Day


Happiness and Wellness

- Breakfast Tea -

I. The Thin Englishman – One pot of tea + sliced organic hard-boiled eggs, tomatoes, and mozzarella on top of English Muffins, with fresh fruit on the side.      

II. Peanut Berry – One pot of tea + fresh mixed berries coated with peanut butter on English Muffins.

III. Wilton Waffles – One pot of tea + Belgian Waffle, served with a side of fresh fruit.

* We recommend the following teas for breakfast to start your day: Assam, Breakfast tea (English or Irish), Chai, or Puerh.

- Lunch Tea -

I. The Miser's Feast - One pot of tea + a selection of bread and cheeses, with sides of salad and an organic hard-boiled egg. 

II. Quiche is King – One pot of tea + our Salad Royale, served with a rich, golden quiche.

III.  Sweet & Toasty – One pot of tea + home-made guacamole on toast, with a side of salad + your choice of cake.

* We recommend the following teas for lunch: Tisanes (herbal teas), Formosa Oolong, Pai Mu Tan (white tea), or Fresh Strawberry (green tea).    

- Afternoon Tea -

I. Harmony Trio- 

Your choice of tea + three tiers, with tea sandwiches and/or chef's canapés on the bottom, scones in the middle, and mini-desserts on top.

II. Balanced Two-

Your choice of tea + two-tiers, with tea sandwiches on the bottom, and scones with cream, berry jam, and butter on top.

III. Simple Tea- 

Your choice of tea + Your choice of a scone & cake.

- Cream Tea -

Your choice of tea + 2 classic scones with cream, berry jam, and butter.

-Tea Sandwiches -

Cucumber Mint

Egg Salad

Olive Pecan 

Assorted Tea Sandwiches

*All Tea Sandwiches will be provided with a side of salad or assorted fruits.

- Salad -

Garden Salad 

Salad Extra- Egg Salad; Organic Chicken; Avocado

- Sandwiches -

Mixed Veggie

Organic Chicken with Avocado

- Scones -

Classic Scone

Berry Scone 

Cheese Scone

Tea-Infused Scone

- Other Pastries -

Tea Cookies




- Beverages -

Teas and Tisanes - See our Tea Menu

Cherokee Ground (Coffee Alternative)

Crafted Organic Coffee